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This 24 hour home and work diary helps improve life quality and make life easier
  • More than a 9 to 5 diary, the regularly used 24 hour home and work diary help improve life quality and make life easier (less stress).
  • Go to to find a list of retailers where you can purchase the diary from.
  • RRP $39.95 however you can find a deal at some of the retailers and get it for less than the RRP.
  • The 2022 version of the diary is now available with '2022' in large text on the diary cover.
  • Only featured on this website intermittently so if interested please note its name.
  • Some features aim to get you more control.
  • The “What’s Working and What’s not” page is to show your recent concerns to the doctor and keep stapling new blank pages as they fill up. Also specialist appointment page.
  • Enjoy, and have fun with its added bits which include whimsical imagery to use when physically under pressure. Lists and chunking and strategies help with organisation.
  • Use privately or share for carer's times or brief notes
  • It's permanent archival.
  • If needed, a person can sign your note on the day page.
  • Look back at the past or look at your plans. 
  • Storage at the back.
  • It is too big and bright to lose and too big to fall into the toilet, unlike a mobile phone!! Yes, at least one person has said that happened.
  • Can be started anytime in the year (some 2022 available) but for 2023 order soon after August or be lucky later.
  • For stockists and details see the diary website with author notes at    
  • Online stockists (price can vary) will accept your fund providers' Daily Living Aid prepaid purchase order. 
  • Or you can buy it as a gift for others.



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