Price: $27,500 27,500 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 11-11-2021
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Brisbane QLD, Australia

The Magic Mobility X8 motorised wheelchair


The extreme, versatile, all-terrain Magic Mobility X8 motorised wheelchair is not your ordinary wheelchair. If you enjoy the outdoors, this wheelchair is ideal for you! With its independent, high speed, high torque and high-efficiency motors, front frame with low-pressure knobby tyres, with exceptional kerb and step climbing abilities, you will never want another electric wheelchair!

The X8 will enhance your life like never before! Through sand or in the bush, and up or down hills, the X8 will take you there! With a top speed of 10 kilometres per hour, the Extreme X8 off-road 4×4 electric wheelchair combines rugged construction and high torque gear inline motors.

If this your wheelchair is for you, contact me without delay!

Price is negotiable.

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