A man takes a photo of a car with his phone.

Make the most of your advertisement

With the new look e-Bility site live, we thought we would give you some tips to make the most of your advertisement and help you stand out for all the right reasons.



Make sure the item is clean before photographing it.

Take measurements where practical.

Use a spellchecker to double-check for any errors in your ad. You can copy and paste your advertisement text into a word processing document and check that way.

Take advantage of new image and text allowances.  Use the space and the images number available, to your advantage.



You don’t need a fancy camera to achieve good photos. A smartphone will take good pictures. Just use these tips to help you.

  • Clear any clutter from the background of photos.
  • Take photos in a well-lit position where possible.
  • If the item is small, use a clean white background where possible.
  • If the photo must include a person, use an editing program to blur, block or pixelate the face for privacy.
  • Take photos from different angles.
  • If you use a phone camera and need a close-up photo, position the camera closer rather than zooming in on the screen. Zooming in will have a poor quality picture.



If you have manuals for use, note that in your advertisement.

Mention the features of the equipment.

Note any wear and tear (include photos)  so that people who view the ad are not misguided.



Clean the vehicle inside and out before photographing.

Be patient with questions. Vehicles can be a significant investment, and people are bound to ask questions before they commit to purchasing.



Remove clutter and personal objects from rooms. Especially bathrooms. Clear surfaces are preferable.

You can always move furniture around, or remove it entirely to get the desired effect.

Focus on the best features, especially those relating to accessibility.


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