Wanting to place an ad on eBility but unsure of the cost?

Below is our pricing for private/individual sellers. If you are a commercial seller, please jump to the commercial pricing section.

Private/individual pricing 

The below GST inclusive pricing rates apply only to private/individual sellers.

Accessible Text Version eBility Private/individual Pricing



With the current crises impacting Australia, there are many people that may not be able to afford the equipment they need. If you have something to donate, there is an option to place a donation on eBility for free.


Ready to post an ad?  

It's easy to list with eBility.

1. Login or create an account 

2. Click the Post an ad button, select your ad type and fill in the advert information

3. Hit save and complete the payment using our secure payment options


Your work is done! Our moderators will then review your advert before approving and publishing it (can take up to 1 business day).

 Payment terms: Payments required in full at time of placing advertisements.



How do I promote my ads on eBility?

Any Advertiser can promote their advert when you Post an ad.

You can also promote your ad by editing your ad. This can be done by logging in to your account and navigating to 'Submitted Classifieds'.







 Commercial pricing 

The below GST inclusive pricing rates apply only to commercial businesses.

Accessible Text Version eBility Commercial Pricing



To create a commercial account, simply go to the Registration page, and in the 'Account type' section, select 'Commercial seller/buyer.

 Payment terms: Payments required in full at the time of placing advertisements.