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Image of elderly man with vision impairment sitting on a park bench with a cane and guide dog.

What type of mobility aids are available?

Mobility aids are a type of device designed to help people who need help moving around. These devices offer greater freedom and independence.

People who have disabilities or older adults who are at risk of falling use mobility aids.

These special devices offer a lot of benefits for their users. including independence, reduced pain and increased confidence.

There are plenty of mobility devices available to meet everyone's needs.

Types of mobility aids

The type of mobility aid you need depends on your injury or mobility issue. Here are some of the most common ones:


Canes are a lot like crutches. They support your body weight and help carry the load from your legs to your upper body.

Assistive canes are helpful for people who have balancing problems or are at risk of falling.

Some types of canes include:

White canes: their purpose is to help those who have visual impairments. They are longer and thinner than regular canes and help their user feel for objects in their path.

Quad canes: these are canes with four feet at their ends. They have a bigger base and offer more stability. 

Forearm canes: they give extra forearm support. These canes allow their user to put more weight off their wrist to their arm.

Some canes are also adjustable and foldable.


Walkers are metal frameworks with four legs that offer stability and support. They are one of the most stable walking aids.

A basic walker has a 3-sided frame that goes around its user. Other walkers have wheels at the base of each leg, so the user can slide the walker instead of lifting it. These types of walkers are helpful for people with limited arm strength.

Some types of walker models include:

Rollator: this is the most common type of walker. It has four wheels, handlebars and a seat. As a safety feature, rollators have handbrakes.

Knee walkers: Like a rollator, a knee walker lets the user rest their knee on a padded cushion. Allowing them to use their stronger leg to push them forward.

Walker-cane hybrids: this device is a combination of a cane and a walker. This aid has two legs instead of a full frame and lets its user choose one or both hands. Walker-cane aids offer greater support than a standard cane.


Designed for people who can't put weight on their lower limbs. Wheelchairs are more suitable for people with severe mobility limitations.

Wheelchairs are either pushed by the user, someone else or battery-powered.

Some specialised wheelchairs include a standing wheelchair. This is where the user is in an upright position.

Mobility Scooters

Like wheelchairs, these mobility aids have a seat on top of a set of wheels.

They are battery-powered and allow the user to steer the scooter in the direction they want to go.

Mobility scooters are ideal for someone who needs to travel long distances.

Who benefits from mobility aids?

Anyone who has mobility issues, whether short or long-term, can benefit from these aids.

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