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2006 Holden Commodore Left Gas/Steering Aid Ghost Ad


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2006 Holden Commodore Station Wagon - modified with left gas and steering aid

2006 Holden Commodore Station Wagon

  • Modified: Left Foot Accelerator and Steering Stick with all functions (Pictures 4,5).
  • The accelerator is foldable, and the steering aid is removable so that an able-bodied person can also legally drive the car.
  • The modification was done in August for 4,200$ (invoice available).
  • The total price will be $7500.
  • Available from the start of June/end of May.
  • Rego until 28/06/2024.
  • Runs really well.
  • Leather interior.
  • Four continental tyres.
  • New timing chain.
  • Tow bar.
  • There is a little bit of Wear and tear on the outside.
  • For any questions, text me.
  • The checkbook, readers manual, and description of the modification and how it works are available upon request.

Specific details

Rego or VIN:: CU28AT
Odometer (km's):: 210000
Transmission:: Automatic
Seats:: Other
Motor dealer license number:: ---



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