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Created date 09-09-2021
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New Norfolk TAS, Australia

Pressure Care Alternating Air Mattresses


  • Almost never used, maybe 10 times (My mum has just opted to sleep on her lift chair instead).
  • Purchased 2 years ago brand new from AidaCare, still in perfect condition.
  • AirLo8 mattress replacement system.
  • AirLo systems include a raft of design features and innovations which maximise both comfort and therapy.
  • Protects the user from cell chill, increases comfort whilst decreasing any possibility of tissue shearing under high-risk patients.
  • Patented Cell disconnection valves on the AirLo8 allow for the complete deflation of up to 4-foot end cells. 
  • This can permanently elevate the heel which can aid in the treatment of foot ulcers.

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