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Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Weighted Blankets & Animals (Children & Adults) (Afterpay Available)


Sensory Regulation Wonderland products are guided by a Team of Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists who specialise in ASD, SPD and Special Needs.
Our weighted Lap Blankets and Animals are based on the sensory regulation technique of deep pressure touch, which slows breathing and heart rate, and is a form of proprioceptive input that has been clinically proven to calm the body and mind.
· Easy and pleasurable to use
· Non disruptive therapeutic strategy (e.g., in the car, classroom, office, and dinner table)
· Mimics the feeling of Deep Pressure Touch, causing a calming effect and encouraging relaxation.
· Provides a safe and effective therapeutic solution
· Provides visual and tactile calming
· Relieves anxiety and stress
· Eases transitions
· Prevents melt-downs and repetitive behaviours
Our weighted lap blankets are made from the softest minky fabric and come in a range of styles (for children, teens and adults) which provide visual and tactile calming sensations.
Lap Blankets available in 8 different colours: Grey, Blue, Pink, Watermelons/Green, Red, Purple, Light Green, Unicorns/Pink.
Our weighted items are available in weights from 1kgs through to 3.2kgs. 
All items are on sale and Prices start at $42.
You are able to see all of our Sensory Regulating items on our website
NDIS compliant invoices available: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We offer Free Shipping and Afterpay. 

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