Price: $ 6500 6500 $
Created date 14-10-2021
Created by


Hendra QLD, Australia

Zoomer all terrain wheelchair seated segway


  • Experience the freedom you have always wanted, with its self-balancing technology.  
  • You can explore the beach, go bush, manoeuvre in the tightest of places.
  • The Zoomer has integrated parking legs that stabilise the chair when in park mode, allowing for safe transfers on and off.
  • The steering handle is also removable for easy transfers.
  • The zoomer is like a seated Segway and could be used by anyone if they want to get over sand, gravel, grass…up hills…it would be great for someone who needed to get around a big property - Yes, no problem.  
  • 400mm wide (16") x 400-480mm (16-20") long.  
  • Seat depth is variable.
  • 60 Volt battery
  • Only 1.5-2 years old and hardly used 

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