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CareAlert Smart Dialler Personal Alert System


CareAlert Smart Dialler Personal Alert System

  • The CareAlert Smart Dialler ensures contact with people of your choice or Triple Zero in an emergency.
  • If needing help and cannot make that vital call, a waterproof dual-button safety pendant activates the CareAlert Smart Dialler.
    • Used, includes backup battery, 1 pendant, base unit, charger.
    • Up to 5 numbers can be called.
    • A pre-recorded 45-second message provides your name, address and request for assistance.
    • You can contact Triple Zero even if your Landline / NBN telephone service fails or if the SIM card has no credit, or is missing.
    • The system consists of a base station and a pendant-type remote (attached to the provided necklace or wristband) which can operate up to 150m from the base station.
    • You can find more information about CareAlert by clicking here.
  • Care Plans:
    • Non-Monitored: Calls up to 5 people (including Triple Zero) without any monitoring fees.
    • Monitored: A monitoring service with 24/7 monitoring can be provided for an ongoing fee (usually without a lock-in contract, so it can be temporary).
  • How the System Works on the Non-Monitored Plan:
    • The Smart Dialler incorporates a local in-house call button to attract attention within the home.
    • When the two buttons are squeezed together, the Smart Dialler will dial out to the first of five personally chosen numbers.
    • These may be family, friends, neighbours, carers or Triple Zero (Triple Zero is usually entered as the last number to be called).
    • In addition to the user's address, the pre-recorded message can contain the external key safe location and code to access the premises.
    • When the first call from the Smart Dialler reaches the recipient, they hear the name address and key location (optional) and a two-way conversation can be established.
    • Should the first call be answered by a message bank, the Smart Dialler leaves the message that their loved one needs help and then immediately dials the next number held in memory because there was no 'live' answer.
    • It continues to dial through the numbers stored until it is answered 'live'.
    • If Triple Zero is called an ambulance will be sent to the address in the pre-recorded message.


Oakleigh VIC, Australia