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Image of young girl with disability reaching over a desk to grab some pencils and drawing utensils.

Gifts for Children with Disability

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a child with a disability, you’ve come to the right place. We chose these toys to help develop motor skills, balance, socialisation, and more! 

Tips for picking gifts for children with disability

If you're purchasing a present for a child who isn't yours, here are some tips to help you choose the right present. 

Talk to the parents

The child's parents will know what his or her interest is, as well as their abilities. You should be considering the child's interests. If they enjoy animals, a trip to the zoo might be too overwhelming. Consider giving them an animal picture book. 

Consider their unique needs

If the child has sensory challenges, think about which toys would best suit their needs. Also, if a child is autistic they can be sensory sensitive, so ask their parents what they dislike. For example, clothes with tags, socks, or even specific textures. 

Think about the child's developmental age too. While a child may be turning a specific age, some may have learning disabilities. They may not have the same skill level as other kids their age. For this, consider gifts that will encourage skill development. 

Gifts for kids with disability


Putty is so much fun to play with! Squeeze, stretch, twist, cut or mould, the possibilities are endless. Putty is a great way for children to strengthen their hands and improve their motor skills. 

Adaptive Art Tools 

Children love being creative! But some don't have the motor skills to draw or paint independently. There are adaptive art tools on the market that can be used for left or right-handed kids. They're perfect for children who haven't decided which hand is dominant. 

Tactile Sensory Ball 

If the child needs to work on their hand-eye coordination, a tactile sensory ball is perfect. They're perfect for developing sensory awareness of massage stimulation. They come in different textures, shapes and sizes too. 

Weighted Blanket 

A weighted blanket is known to help many children with autism or sensory disabilities stay calm. Weighted blankets reduce stress, increase focus and help kids stay grounded. There's also a variety of sizes and weight options to choose from. 

Snug Hug

Some children find pressure more comforting than weight. The snug hug sensory solution combines pressure wrap in a soft fleece blanket. This is a great choice for children who enjoy the sensation of hugging. 

Special High Back Swing Set

For children who need extra support for their bodies, adaptive swings are a great present. The high backswing is attachable to indoor or outdoor swing frames. It comes with a snap buckle to hold the child safely in place. They come in two sizes, for teens and children. 

Specialised Equipment

Why not give a child the gift of independence. eBility offers a range of mobility aids that won't hurt your bank! We know having the right mobility aid is a massive bonus for living independently. We have a range of equipment and assistive tech for children.

If you have any questions or are wanting to sell, get in touch with us today!