Image of man with vision impairment on staircase holding a walking cane with a guide dog standing next to him.

Assistive Technology For People who are Blind or have low vision

Losing your vision can be very overwhelming. With so much adaptive technology and equipment available for...

Image of young girl with disability reaching over a desk to grab some pencils and drawing utensils.

Gifts for Children with Disability

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a child with disability, you’ve come to the right place. We chose these toys to help develop motor skills, balance, socialisation, and more! 

Image of accessible modern kitchen with wheel in stove area.

How To Find Accessible Properties

Finding the perfect home is never easy. When you have accessibility needs though, the process can be even more difficult. There aren’t many accessible properties...

Image of young boy in paediatric wheelchair being hugged by family member or carer.

A Guide To Choosing Strollers for Kids with Disabilities

Being involved with family activities is very important for kids’ development and well-being.