Image of young woman in electric wheelchair inside a library holding a tablet device and smiling at the camera.

Assistive Tech Tools For Students With Learning Disabilities

Assistive technology (AT) is one of the most crucial tools in education today. Having the right AT gives students of...

Image of in bed stretching and smiling after waking up.

Adaptive Beds: Start your day with a good night's sleep

There's no doubt about it, sleep is important for our short and long term health. When we don't get enough sleep, we...

Image of man wearing headphones scraping food off a chopping board into an electric blender.

Cooking For People With Disabilities

Cooking can be hard for people with disabilities. A lot of kitchens are not designed for people with disabilities. For some, kitchen equipment and even some...

Image of elderly man with vision impairment sitting on a park bench with a cane and guide dog.

What type of mobility aids are available?

Mobility aids are a type of device designed to help people who need help moving around. These devices offer greater freedom and independence.